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Bhatt Mewara Website is a very powerful advanced web technology platform dedicated to serve the Bhatt Mewad SAMAJ to face the fast life together with upcoming technological challenges, shortening the distances and allowing instant/ faster communication across community members.

The admiring features of the most powerful and well designed platform are as follows.
  • Simple Design & Navigation i.e. very user friendly. It helps to find any information quickly for tech savvy and general users both. The INFORMATION section is split into various categories like Local News, General Announcement, Scholar Section, Manglik/Happy News, Sad Moments, Matrimonial Section etc.
  • Multilingual content support . It will allow putting information in any language. It will certainly help where regional language is more in use.
  • The information is stored based on LOCATION which makes very convenient to retrieve information of a particular region only.
  • There is optional provision to set the filter for filtering the information for its own caste/sub-caste within Vaishya Samaj only. It may help community members to find the any information for their need only and also to come across the information which is generic for the whole Vaishya Samaj.
  • The DASHBOARD section allows community volunteers to put INFORMATION, EVENTS and ARTICLES from any corner of the world . It automatically goes for administrator approval and published after the approval. This unique feature will help community members to participate more effectively and connecting them through rest of the community members across the world.
  • The CLUB facility allows local/regional volunteers to create club of the community members of their region and taking lead of it and at the same time connecting them to rest of the community members.
  • The platform allows online CHAT & offline message facilities between members for faster communication.
  • A dedicated Forum section allows healthy dialogue between members on any topic.
  • Photo-gallery (Photo/Video) allows any information to be shared with community members instantly.
  • Event section allows sharing of forthcoming events . Any volunteer across any corner of the world can share it with rest of the community members using workflow system (i.e. publishing after admin approval).
  • There is Article section to help writers to share their write-up with community members and also allowing professionals to help the members by providing useful information.
  • Polling section allows you to participate in various POLLS enabling us to know your views.
  • The platform provides online PAYMENT facility (payment in INR, USD currencies through Paypal/Card/Netbanking).
  • The platform extends paid/free online Subscription , content downloading and E-Learning techniques that may be very helpful for the community members itself and also for others as required.
  • The platform powerful technology can be extended at any time to connect rural members to pass on information through GPRS/SMS enabling the community even more powerful.